(Commitment 100% of students master the knowledge after the course)


Students, graduate students, doctoral students, staff and lecturers of training institutions, as well as other person in need.

Duration | Time

60 hours (8 lessons/day), every Saturday, Sunday (Morning: 8:30 - 11:30; Afternoon: 13:00 - 16:00).

Opening Ceremony | Location

OC: Quarterly. Offline Address: L17-11, 17th Floor, Vincom Center Building, 72 Le Thanh Ton Str., Ben Nghe War., Dis. 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


MSc. Mai Ngoc Khanh, corporate governance consultant with over 10 years of experience and a number of other experienced experts.


Online learning through Google Meet, Zoom and ISE VN forums; Students provide their own personal computers.

The Promotions:

7% discount on tuition fees for students 5% discount on tuition for groups registering 3-4 people. 5% discount on tuition for groups registering 5-9 peoples.

Course Content Structure

(Learning order for simulated beginners: Basic – Medium – Advanced)

No. Contents
I. Introduction to simulation
1. What is simulation?
2. Why use simulation?
3. Applications of simulation
II. Basic knowledge of statistics
1. What is statistics in simulation?
2. Why use statistics?
3. Common distribution types
III. Basic knowledge of system
1. What is the system?
2. Components of the system
3. System description procedure
IV. Practice Arena Simulation software
1. Learn the Arena software toolbar interface
2. Learn the Arena software module interface
3. Learn the function of report, navigat
4. Learn the function of Basic Process module – Basic course
5. Learn the function of Advanced Transfer module – Medium course
6. Learn the function Statistics module – Medium course
7. Learn the function Advanced Process module – Advanced course
8. Learn the function of Kanban Workstations – Advanced course
V. Case study Hopital Room – Basic course
VI. Case study Vaccine Injection – Basic course & Medium course
VII. Case study Restaurant – Medium course
VIII. Case study Jeans Line – Advanced course
IX. Summary
1. Quick summary of previous learning
2. Advice from expert
3. Make a question

Price List

Arena Basic Class


000.000 VND
  • Lesson time: 30 lessons
  • Theory: 5 lessons
  • Practice: 25 lessons
  • Learning form: Group + situation
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Arena Medium Class


000.000 VND
  • Lesson time: 35 lessons
  • Theory: 5 lessons
  • Practice: 30 lessons
  • Learning form: Group + situation
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Arena Advanced Class


000.000 VND
  • Lesson time: 30 lessons
  • Theory: 5 lessons
  • Practice: 25 lessons
  • Learning form: Group + situation
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Application of Arena Simulation

(Arena simulation was applied in many manufacturing and service sectors)

  1. A manufacturing plant with machines, people, transport devices, conveyor belts, and storage space.
  2. A bank with different kinds of customers, servers, and facilities like teller windows, automated teller machines (ATMs), loan desks, and safety deposit boxes.
  3. An airport with departing passengers checking in, going through security, going to the departure gate, and boarding; departing flights contending for push-back tugs and runway slots; arriving flights contending for runways, gates, and arrival crew; arriving passengers moving to baggage claim and waiting for their bags; and the baggage handling system dealing with delays, security issues, and equipment failure.
  4. A distribution network of plants, warehouses, and transportation links.
  5. An emergency facility in a hospital, including personnel, rooms, equipment, supplies, and patient transport.
  6. A field-service operation for appliances or office equipment, with potential customers scattered across a geographic area, service technicians with different qualifications, trucks with different parts and tools, and a central depot and dispatch center.
  7. A computer network with servers, clients, disk drives, tape drives, printers, networking capabilities, and operators.
  8. A freeway system of road segments, interchanges, controls, and traffic.
  9. A central insurance claims office where a lot of paperwork is received, reviewed, copied, filed, and mailed by people and machines. A criminal-justice system of courts, judges, support staff, probation officers, parole agents, defendants, plaintiffs, convicted offenders, and schedules.
  10. A chemical-products plant with storage tanks, pipelines, reactor vessels, and railway tanker cars in which to ship the finished product.
  11. A fast-food restaurant with different types of staff, customers, and equipment.
  12. A supermarket with inventory control, checkout, and customer service.
  13. A theme park with rides, stores, restaurants, workers, guests, and parking lots.
  14. The response of emergency personnel to a catastrophic event.
  15. A network of shipping ports including ships, containers, cranes, and landside transport.
  16. A military operation including supplies, logistics, and combat engagement.

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